Shatam Technologies is India’s leading software solution company that primarily specialises in offering effective and comprehensive data mining services. Established in 2012 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Shatam Technologies is proud to have a proven record in developing robust and promising technology solutions related to GIS, Service-Oriented Architecture (SoA), Data Mining, Web Scrapping, Web, and mobile technologies for Indian as well as International clients.

We are committed to providing best output of data, GIS and software services to our clients by thoroughly understanding their specific business needs, doing a comprehensive analysis on the same, and delivering quick solutions that enhance business success. Our highly proficient and professional team adeptly derives best outcomes in each phase of the product development life cycle - Research, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance. Through our exclusively developed tools and methodologies, we proficiently meet unique as well as diverse needs of our clients and ensure them to achieve the level of excellence in their business analysis, operations and marketing.

Shatam Technologies offers its long-term, high-end solutions in four domains:
Data mining & Web Scraping:
Shatam Technologies’s highly proficient and enthusiastic team of professionals, promptly and cost-effectively, extracts superior quality, accurate and useful data for you. The expert data mining team at Shatam works to obtain the relevant information for you from desired websites and transforms it into understandable structures to help you make rewarding, data-driven business decisions. The data is extracted following a systematic approach including classification, clustering, regression, etc. in order to derive at the most refined results for our clients, to effectively suit their business needs. The extracted and structured data is delivered to you in convenient document formats like XML, excel, CSV, Webpage, Text file, SQL, etc.
We perform the data extraction process by coding a script/bot/macro that crawls the specified online sources (of websites or databases) and pulls the information. We help different business and organisations perform better and excel in market by mining accurate data for them from a variety of sources.
Shatam Structured Scoring(SSS)
SSS allows us to score each record using a formula that considers weight of every field in the record. The average of all the scores in the dataset is the SSS score of that dataset. Our goal is to never let our data score drop between two deliveries. For more details, click here

Canada Business Portal:
Shatam Technology has designed Canada’s most comprehensive business records’ database or directory for immediate desktop access. Canada Business Portal as it’s called entails all information vital to finding new import products, new export buyers, low cost manufacturing and new marketing opportunities for products and services of any business company. We constantly update the database, which is extensively expanding as this platform is accessible and open for all Canadian businesses to register themselves into it. The process of registering a new business in the portal is very simple and swift. This brings a huge traffic of new businesses to the portal for registration and addition on a daily basis. The portal has been created to make it easier for the Canadians to find and utilise business contacts, their related information and services for growing their businesses.
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USA Address Corrector:
Shatam Technologies offers its address correctional services through Fixaddress- a hassle-free solution for correcting and verifying mailing addresses for its clients who deal extensively into door-step deliveries of their documents, products/services to their customers. Customers many times tend to enter wrong, incomplete or non-standard addresses while ordering for products or services for home or specific address delivery. This is when you need Fixaddress that can correctly automate and validate your customers’ bulk addresses and rule out all possibilities for untimely or hassled deliveries of orders/documents. Fixaddress streamlines address correction task through its three vital features - Address Standardization, Address Correction and Address Segmentation. The API of Fixaddress rectifies minor mistakes and prompts customers to fix critical errors and ensure the order is delivered at the validated address. The interface is capable of bulk corrections by fixing spelling mistakes, phonetic mistakes, adding missing zip, and street type. This portal is specifically applicable for US addresses and similar portals for verification of addresses in other countries are underway at Shatam Technologies.
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USA Addresses Corrector

Integrate FixAddress Web Service API into your checkout process to verify customer addresses. The API will correct minor mistakes.

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data scraping API

Data Mining & Web Scraping

Scraping and mining data from the web and transforming it into a structured database that can be integrated into other products. This API is integration-friendly with Google, Bing and Yahoo maps. more

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Canada Business Portal

Shatam Technologies invites buyers for purchasing its exquisite Canada Business Portal of over 2.6 millions Databases.

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Free Android Apps

Shatam has developed android apps which can be found in Google Play.

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Free Alexa App-Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Game is a fun spelling game, where you can learn definitions and practice spelling 125+ words at the fifth-grade level.



Internship - Java Developer

Skills : Core Java, Data Structure
Qualification: MCA/MSC(CS)/BE(CS)
Duration : 3 Months
Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Internship - Dot Net Developer

Skills : C#, SQL, JQuery etc.
Qualification: MCA/MSC(CS)/BE(CS)
Duration : 3 Months
Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

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